Mission Statement

Our Mission, as not for profit community organizations working cooperatively to serve the Greater Cleveland community:

  • To promote and encourage participation in the sport of dragon boat racing.

  • To provide a social and recreational opportunity for residents of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

  • To increase awareness of Asian culture and the Asian community among greater Clevelanders.

  • To offer a recreational team building opportunity for participating companies and organizations.

Cleveland Dragon Boat Association featured on Kicking it with Kenny, Fox 8 News, Cleveland, Ohio, 2017.

Our Goals

Our goals are to relax and enjoy the company of family, friends and other Greater Clevelanders, bask in the smell and sounds of a variety of Asian foods, cultures and the atmosphere of the Flats, and; to have fun!

Our partnership includes: Asia Services in Action, Inc. (The ASIA Mission is to empower Asian American Pacific Islanders in Northeastern Ohio to access quality, culturally, and linguistically appropriate information and services. The ASIA Vision is to ensure that Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in Northeastern Ohio will have equal access to information and quality services, and no disparities will exist. AAPI issues and interests will be fully understood and incorporated into service plans of all major public agencies and community service providers in Northeast Ohio.


Board of Directors

  • President ~ Julia Chen

  • Vice President ~ Racheal Cambarare

  • Secretary ~ Susan Ensor

  • Treasurer ~ Raquel Timm

  • Board Member ~ Rob Ashworth

  • Board Member ~ Cindy Cuffaro

  • Board Member ~ Gene Mark

  • Board Member ~ Dave Rolf

Contact Us

Contact us if you have questions about: the dragon boat races, the festival, volunteering to help with a successful festival effort, or have any suggestions that you feel will help to improve our efforts to have the best dragon boat festival in the country!

We are also interested in talking with organizations interested in presenting Asian exhibits and cultural presentations including dance, dress and musical presentations.

Contact us to help, or for more information.

  • By Email: cdbainc@gmail.com

  • By Phone: 440-796-0817 Dave Rolf - Board  member

  • By Mail: Cleveland Dragon Boat Association, P. O. Box 770452, Lakewood, Ohio 44107