Mission and Goals


  • To promote and encourage participation in the sport of dragon boat racing.

  • To provide a social and recreational opportunity for residents of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

  • To increase awareness of Asian culture and the Asian community among greater Clevelanders.

  • To support breast cancer survivorship by providing paddling opportunities to individuals and organizations. 

  • To offer a recreational team building opportunity for participating individuals and organizations.


Our goals are to help individuals learn a new sport, develop their skills, enjoy friendly competition with friends and family and have fun!

Our partnership includes: Asia Services in Action, Inc. (The ASIA Mission is to empower Asian American Pacific Islanders in Northeastern Ohio to access quality, culturally, and linguistically appropriate information and services. The ASIA Vision is to ensure that Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in Northeastern Ohio will have equal access to information and quality services, and no disparities will exist. AAPI issues and interests will be fully understood and incorporated into service plans of all major public agencies and community service providers in Northeast Ohio.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization and appreciate all donations.

To donate, please contact cdbainc@gmail.com