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Mission & Goals


  • To promote the sport of amateur dragon boating, through practice and competition locally and to support regional, national and international dragon boating;

  • To provide a social and recreational opportunity for residents of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio;

  • To offer recreational team-building opportunities for participating individuals and organizations;

  • To provide training and fitness opportunities for cancer survivors by providing paddling opportunities to individuals and organizations;

  • To develop and implement programs for youth to socialize in a structured environment;

  • To encourage cross-culture awareness by educating the public about the history of the sport and other activities.


  • To promote physical fitness through a sport that is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender and ability levels;

  • To promote health and wellness among adaptive paddlers, including the visually impaired and those with other physical challenges, through practice and training in the sport of dragon boating;

  • To offer team and moral support to cancer survivors with the goal of helping to improve their overall well-being;

  • To offer programs for youth that will serve to improve their physical fitness and build values, such as cooperation and communication, that are necessary for teamwork;

  • To increase awareness of Asian culture and the Asian community among greater Clevelanders.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization and appreciate all donations.

To donate, please contact

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