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2024 CDBA Festival Teams
Contact the CDBA to Register for the 2024 Festival

Dragon boat is the ultimate team sport, welcoming all paddlers regardless of age or fitness level. Whether you want to get fit and exercise your competitive streak, or meet people and learn new skills, you're in the right place.


  • New and current Community Teams division are intended for public groups, community service, business groups, non profit, and individuals. Contact us about forming your 20 person team for the festival and for fun.

  • Each member of the team must sign a waiver prior to practice and/or festival day race.


  • New Community Teams need to be registered by July 31st to receive festival shirts and paid in full by August 23rd. 

  • Practice sessions are scheduled September 20th, the day before the race. Once registration is complete, you will be notified to schedule team's practice time.

Mixed Divisions

Minimum of EIGHT FEMALE PADDLERS in the boat.

More females is OK. More than 12 men in the boat will result in a penalty.


Women's Division

All paddlers must be women. Any male paddlers on the boat will result in a penalty.


Open Division

No restrictions on the number of gender in the boat. 

Youth Division

Breast / All Cancer Division


Note: No previous experience is required. Trainers will be available the day before the race to train your team. Dragon boats, paddles, and PFDs (personal floatation devices) will be supplied by the Cleveland Dragon Boat Association.

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